Publish Date : 2007/10/29

New Advanced “Pro” Times A’ Coming!! - Leadtek WinFast® PX8800 GT & PX8800 GT Extreme

Taipei, Taiwan, October 29th, 2007-- Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for extreme visual graphics technology development, is pleased to announce the launch of new high-end graphics cards to gaming enthusiasts, WinFast® PX8800 GT and PX8800 GT Extreme. The new cards, with 1slot fan design and 112 stream processors, deliver an incredible true-to-life gaming experience and, compared to others, provide a super 10~35% higher performance than expected.

WinFast® PX8800 GT Extreme

Based on 65nm technology and powered by NVIDIA®GeForce® 8800 GT graphics processing units, the WinFast PX8800 GT and PX8800 GT Extreme come with 512MB 256bit GDDR3 memory and a GPU clock of 600 and 680 MHz respectively. Furthermore, they are equipped to single slot thermal solution and able to exclusively amplify an independent stream processor over-clocking for optimal shader performance.

And according today's standards they are both built for “Windows Vista™”, guaranteeing 3D acceleration for the general graphical user interface with high-end results. Meanwhile, WinFast PX8800 GT and PX8800 GT Extreme provide Microsoft® DirectX® 10 with full Shader Model 4.0 support to deliver unparalleled levels of graphics realism and film-quality effects.

WinFast® PX8800 GT

The WinFast PX8800 GT and PX8800 GT Extreme take a perfect use of NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology inpicture clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and vivid image scaling. Even more, they enable playback of HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc and other protected content at full HD resolutions with integrated High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support. With Dual Dual-Link DVI-I output, they sustain digital displays up to 2560x1600 resolutions and support extreme HD games and entertainment.

Apart from improved performance, theyalso comply with the NVIDIA® Lumenex™Engine to offer stunning image quality and floating point accuracy at ultra-fast frame rates. For more pleasure in gaming,the new cards, with revolutionary unified architecture by GigaThread™ Technology, fully support thousands of independent, simultaneous threads, providing extreme processing efficiency in advanced and next generation shader programs.

Last but not least, WinFast PX8800 GT and PX8800 GT Extreme bundled with “Neverwinter Nights 2”, a new award-winning adventurous game complete with strategic action and deep characters, which presents you a rich and compelling story to explore an amazingly reactive world, where every decision directly affects everyone and the passage of time realistically impacts game-play.

Undoubtedly, thebrand-new WinFast PX8800 GT and PX8800 GT Extreme meet the most demanding approvals among high-level graphics cardswith high-definition video quality and gaming track record but at a far more competitive price. The WinFast PX8800 GT and PX8800 GT Extreme, “Absolute-in-Pro”, that shouldn't be missed…


Model PX8800 GT Extreme PX8800 GT
Graphic Bus PCI-Express PCI-Express
GPU NVIDIA ® GeForce® 8800 GT NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT
GPU/Memory Clock 680/2000 MHz 600/1800 MHz
Memory Size 512MB GDDR3 512MB GDDR3
Memory Interface 256 bit 256bit
RAMDACs 400MHz 400MHz
Stream Processors 112 112
DirectX® Support DirectX® 10.0 Shader Model 4.0 DirectX® 10.0 Shader Model 4.0
Bundled Game Neverwinter Nights 2 Neverwinter Nights 2
Output Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDTV Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDTV