Publish Date : 2007/10/31

Authentic Home Theater with WinFast's Special Editions for Windows Media Center

Taipei, Taiwan, October 31st, 2007: With the coming of the HTPC (Home Theater PC) era, Leadtek Research Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of multimedia products, takes pride in announcing its latest special editions of WinFast TV tuner series that fully-supports Windows Vista Media Center, including WinFast DTV1800 H Media Center Edition, WinFast TV2000XP Global Media Center Edition and WinFast PxTV1200 Media Center Edition. These special editions bundled with an exclusive I/R remote control certified by Microsoft Windows adds a real sensation to your experience of most Windows Vista features, among them photos, music, video, and also TV!

With Windows Vista media Center, you can efficiently manage and conveniently play all your digital files - photo, music and video. To expand its applications, simply add one of our WinFast TV tuner cards in the media center edition to freely watch and record analog/digital TV and listen to FM/DVB-T radio.

When the spectacular Time Shifting function is on, you can pause, rewind and fast-forward through a recorded show with a minimal demand on the system resource and easily skip the advertising slots. Even more, using the Scheduled Power-on function, your PC can automatically record shows at a scheduled time. You never miss the midnight live sport's game again!

Powered up with the exclusive I/R sensor remote control certified by Windows Vista, the Media Center editions of WinFast TV tuner cards give you the most comfy laid back viewing ever. With all-in-one functionality, you don't even have to get off the sofa to switch the PC screen on or off. Bearing in mind that WinFast DTV1800 H has topped the bestseller lists on the world market for hybrid TV cards, it stands to reason that WinFast DTV1800 H Media Center Edition is your TV tuner card of choice. When it comes to premium analog TV viewing, WinFast TV2000XP Global Media Center Edition leads the field in the analog TV card market. And if you already have the latest PCI Express interface then with WinFast PxTV1200 Media Center Edition your home theater has already become a reality.

With a Vista PC, rigged out with one of the WinFast TV tuner series in media center edition, you can safely dispense with your digital/analog TV set, VCR/DVR, FM/DVB-T radio, CD/DVD player, CD/DVD maker and whatever else clutters up the living room. Need we say more?