Publish Date : 2008/02/21

Peace of Mind: No missing Children or Grandparents with the Leadtek LR 8M03 LBS Tracker

Taipei, Taiwan, February 19th, 2007-- Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for high-end technology development, today proudly announces the launch of a new GPS tracker for the family. The LR8M03 with the latest SiRF-Star III GPS Chipset is a powerful, light weight user-friendly tracking device combining GPS, GSM, and GPRS communication systems especially developed for remote tracking and emergency reporting on the position of missing children or the elderly.

“With the 8M03 GPS tracker, you'll never have to worry about your kids' photos showing up on a bulletin board for missing children or about whether Grandpa has forgotten his way home,” said, David Chang, General Manager of Leadtek wireless Communication product BU.

As baby boomers age, he said, the elderly are gradually becoming the largest group in society and families begin to spend more on caring for them. It was in response to family demands for caring for the elderly, said Chang, that Leadtek had come up with a GPS tracker.

“It is a mind-pacifying solution that family users around the world have been looking for–a low cost device that senior citizens can carry around with them when they go out to exercise, stroll, and visit friends” he added.

Equipped with a 20 Channel SiRF-Star III LP GPS, this efficient tracking solution quickly searches up to 20 satellites at the same time to accelerate a position fix in a city. While shortening the time of positioning, the ‘real time tracking by time interval' gives you the precise position of the 8M03 holders.

With built-in GPS and GSM antenna, LR 8M03 tracker users can receive phone calls, reach families and send emergency messages for help. The 8M03 delivers the longitude and latitude coordinate message to your cell phone while simultaneously transmitting it to your personal computer through the GPRS system. After downloading free map software such as that by Google, the family is able to quickly locate the position of either children or an elderly relative.

There are even more security options on board. The 4 pre-set emergency numbers obviate wasted dialing time. In the event of a child being kidnapped or an old person fainting on a sidewalk the “Auto Answer: No Ring and Pickup” enables parents to overhear background sound. The usefulness and ingenuity of this device in removing the fear of family members or friends going missing by far exceeds the low cost investment in its purchase.

See and experience the LR 8M03 LBS tracker, bluetooth GPS data loggers and GPS modules yourself in demonstration by members of the Leadtek Wireless Communication Product BU at CeBIT Hannover, this March.


Model LR 8M03 LBS Tracker
GPS Chipset SiRF StarIII LP
Wireless Communication GSM 900/1800/1900
Tracking Channels 20 satellites tracking
Tracking Sensitivity -159dBm
Battery Swappable rechargeable 750 mA/h Li-Ion Battery
Battery Working Time GSM and GPS on for 5.5 hrs
GSM standby for 8.5 hrs
Charging Time 3 hrs
I/O USB, microphone, speaker, earphone
Operating System NuCleus
Built-in Antenna GSM, GPS
External Antenna MMCX
Dimension 88.5x 40 x 19.95 mm
Total Weight 72 g (with battery)