Publish Date : 2004/09/24


Taipei, Taiwan, September 22, 2004 — Leadtek Research Inc. today unveil the new Leadtek LR9553 Bluetooth GPS as the world's first Bluetooth GPS receiver based on the new SiRFStarIII GPS technology.

Measured 60x38x23mm and weighted only 45g with battery, the LR9553 is also the smallest Bluetooth GPS receiver designed for the emerging Location Based Services (LBS) applications. Taking full advantage of SiRFStarIII's high sensitivity and low power consumption features, the LR9553 can be used by mobile users with their Bluetooth-equipped PDAs, cell phones, and smart phones to make real-time navigation practical where conventional GPS often fails. By loading SiRFLoc client software, the LR9553 is also supported by the SiRFLoc multimode technology and can determine position with aiding from carrier networks via the Bluetooth-equipped phones ─ or completely autonomously ─ using multiple dynamically configurable modes.

"As GPS technology enables more LBS applications, requirements on GPS performance become more demanding. The LR9553 Bluetooth GPS receiver can be placed almost anywhere in the vehicle or carried by person in the pocket or backpacks and still provide good GPS fixes in weak signal environments or even indoors. It is by far the highest performance GPS receiver we have made and this is made possible only by SiRFstarIII's industrial leading specifications in sensitivity and power management, as well as SiRFLoc's advanced multimode infrastrature, said Dr. Wei-Wen Kao, General Manager of Wireless Communication Product Business Unit, Leadtek Research Inc. "By supplying this level of GPS performance to Bluetooth equipped cell phones and PDAs, we enable more users to have fast and accurate position information in order to take advantage of the new LBS applications — with or without network aiding data." The new product is exhibited in SiRF's booth at the ION-GNSS 2004 in Long Beach, California and will be available from Leadtek for volume delivery in early Q4, 2004.


Founded in 1986, Leadtek Research, Inc. is a research and development company that is specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products including 3D Graphics, Multimedia, Motherboard, Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance, and GPS Navigation. Leadtek has developed GPS products based on SiRF's GPS solutions since 1997, and currently offers GPS modules, Smart Antennas, GPS CF cards, GPS SD cards, Bluetooth GPS receivers, and universal GPS cradles products. The company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and has been publicly listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2001 under code 2465. Additional information about Leadtek and its GPS products and solutions can be found at here .

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