Publish Date : 2005/09/24

Leadtek Research opens doors for video monitoring technology


On 23rd Sep, a scenario of video surveillance on parolee has made the headline news across the country on United Daily News and Liberty Times. This successful case of using videophones to monitor the everyday life of those that have previously committed sexual abuse under strict surveillance and compulsory curfew is first executed by the Taoyuan district public prosecutors. The key role player in this initiative is undoubtedly awarded to Leadtek Research Inc., which has just signed a contract with the Ministry of Justice recently via its business partner JMO Technology.

Indeed, before the videophone has made its name, most people would have thought of the videophone as “a phone with images” during phone conversations. Not that so! Leadtek Research Inc. has been working on videophone technology since 1995 and until now, we have already accumulated ten years' R&D experience in this field. In addition to that, our research team is also capable of design and manufacture of video communication 'chips. Currently we are the pioneer in this field, and one of the few video phone suppliers in the world. At the moment we are also the largest video phone manufacture in Taiwan.

Leadtek Research Inc. owns a large percentage of market shares in the global videophone market. Our products range from PSTN, ISDN and IP Broadband video phones. Videophones that are compatible with H.323, MGCP and SIP Protocols have also been introduced to the market recently. Since the year 2004, we have also launched a series of value-added service with the various types of broadband videophones. The joint project launched with France Telecom is worth taking note of. This project has set a milestone in bringing videophones to everyday household usage, and the cooperation with the telecommunication supplier has pushed the use of videophones to a greater height. The widespread of Internet communication today has also increased the use of video communication products in the business and consumer market. Saving of costs of international calls and business travels is the biggest advantage of using videophones in the business market. The growth in the maturity of video communication technology has also enhanced the developments of video communication- related industry. On the whole, the trend for the video communication products is geared towards the integration with ADSL, wireless communication, and internet applications, in order to provide a better value-added service. The videophone is no longer a mere communication tool but can also be implemented into the multimedia and entertainment industry. For example, the integration of real-time selection (i.e. VOD Video on Demand) function with internet will facilitate intranet browsing. Furthermore, having the needs of the handicapped in mind, we have designed special accessories and functions such as keyboard, incoming calls vibration functions, and flashing of incoming calls in aid of those specific groups of people. Besides these, distant learning, distant medical consultation are all part of future videophone applications.