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Publish Date : 2021/08/02

RTX Server helps Land High Tech to build an efficient rendering platform

Suzhou Land High is a high-tech company with leading technology in the fields of supercomputing and cloud computing. It owns the world's first comprehensive cultural and creative industry cloud platform-Suzhou Creative Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Land High Creative Cloud).

Land High Creative Cloud is committed to providing a full range of services to companies and individuals engaged in cultural and creative industries, and is an excellent company in GPU rendering in China. Land High Creative Cloud is currently the largest GPU cloud rendering platform in China. It has multiple self-built data centers across the country. The rendering platform has independently developed Golden Farm cluster rendering management platform software and supports various mainstream production software such as 3ds Max and Maya, providing continuous platform services for GPU rendering.

Realistic and efficient rendering requires a lot of computing resources

Land High Creative Cloud organically integrates the Internet ecosystem and cultural and creative industries, and provides a cultural and creative industry service cloud platform that supports demand release, online creation, and results trading. Through informatization and networked support and service methods, it can realize the basic ecological functions such as resource sharing, information interaction, industrial chain business process management, behavior analysis, etc., while continuously expanding the entire industry chain of channel distribution, marketing promotion, project investment and financing, derivative product development, intellectual property protection and trading, and talent training, optimize the allocation of resources in the ecosystem, and build an open, collaborative, and innovative cultural and creative industry ecosystem.

In order to pursue more realistic and fine visual effects, the rendering technology currently used in the field of film and television animation and VFX often takes too long, and the rendering time of a single frame exceeds 30 hours.

To complete the movie in a limited time, a lot of computing resources (CPU) are required. Although Land High Creative Cloud Rendering has multiple large-scale cloud rendering data centers through its own resource integration advantages, in order to deal with people's ultimate pursuit of visual effects and the objective need for timeliness, it is no longer possible to have ultra-large-scale CPU computing resources.

In order to cope with the development of technology and the needs of users, and to help the film and television animation industry shorten the production cycle and improve production quality, Land High Creative Cloud has built a professional GPU rendering farm, which seamlessly integrates GPU rendering with the self-developed Golden Farm cluster rendering management software. With docking, users can drag and drop with one click to realize online self-service GPU rendering.

NVIDIA RTX Server handles flexible workloads

Land High Creative Cloud did a lot of tests on different architectures and configurations, and finally chose NVIDIA RTX Server based on multiple Quadro RTX 8000 professional graphics cards to build the Land High Creative Cloud GPU rendering farm. At present, when we use the server, we insert an NVIDIA RTX 8000 professional graphics card into each PCI-E slot of Leadtek WinFast GS4820 server, so that multiple graphics cards can be deployed on the same server.

Land High Creative Cloud uses TCC mode Quadro RTX 8000 for rendering. The number of cards used on each server and the occupancy of the cards will be marked, and according to the needs of the rendering job, idle cards are scheduled for job rendering.

Normally, jobs have different requirements for cards. In the Quadro RTX 8000 scheduling, it is required to clarify which are rendering and which are idle, and it is necessary to determine in time whether the number of idle cards on a server can meet the requirements of the job frame rendering. Only when the number of idle cards on a server meets the job requirements, rendering can be performed on that server. After the rendering is completed, the Quadro RTX 8000 resource automatically changes its status to idle, waiting to receive the rendering of the next job frame.

Land High Creative Cloud has actually deployed the M6000 and P6000 platforms before. Now the newly deployed RTX 8000 platform supports the latest ray tracing technology and has 48GB memory capacity on a single card to get faster rendering speeds for high-precision rendering materials. Equipped with current 5G technology, real-time cloud rendering can be realized.

The designer of Land High Creative Cloud said: “Ordinary non-professional graphics card rendering can only support the WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) mode. When the Quadro professional graphics card such as Quadro RTX 6000 is used for rendering, it runs in TCC (Tesla Compute Cluster) mode with special command encoding. With the support of NVIDIA and Leadtek professional engineers, we enable TCC mode rendering through special command encoding. The measured effect can increase the rendering speed by 50%~80% compared with WDDM mode. This is also an important reason why Land High Creative Cloud rendering is faster than other competitors.