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Publish Date : 2021/07/09

RTX A6000 helps Twinmotion realize instant visualization of 3D architectural design

Twinmotion is an instant visualization tool designed specifically for architectural needs. It is very convenient and flexible and can be fully integrated into the workflow of the AEC industry. As a solution, it can be applied to the fields of design, visualization and architectural communication. Twinmotion combines the intuitive iconic interface and the power of Unreal Engine, allowing professionals in architecture, construction, urban planning and landscape to create beautiful visualization and immersive experiences in a quick, easy and fun way.


As a real-time visualization tool, Twinmotion needs to be able to quickly convert BIM or CAD models into high-quality images, panoramas, standard multiple 360° VR videos, and complete customer demonstrations. Twinmotion has realistic physics-based lighting and shadows with built-in global illumination, contains more than 600 PBR materials that can interact with the environment, and provides effects such as depth of field, lens flare, and halo. And while modifying the 3D model, it is necessary to be able to preview the changes in the rendering effect in real time.

As software real-time rendering consumes a lot of GPU, the rendering of a large number of 3D dynamic scenes, especially when there is a large amount of texture data, requires a huge amount of calculation. The more complex the scene, the higher the rendering requirements and the higher the GPU requirements. In addition, the stability of the hardware platform is also the top priority of software operation and project design.


In order to meet the high performance and high stability requirements of real-time rendering, Twinmotion has undergone repeated tests and finally believes that the professional graphics card NVIDIA RTX A6000 is particularly suitable for Twinmotion to make real-time rendering of large scenes. RTX A6000 has a full-fledged GA102 chip with up to 10752 CUDA cores, massive 48GB GDDR6 memory, and 84 RT Cores designed to accelerate ray tracing. The single-precision performance can reach 38.7 TFLOPS, significantly accelerating graphics calculation, while ensuring calculation accuracy and data integrity. It can be considered as a professional graphics card with excellent performance.

Physics real-time rendering based on RTX A6000 acceleration can provide very realistic and accurate 3D scenes to speed up design decisions, improve innovation capabilities and help smoothly advance AEC projects. NVIDIA RTX A6000 can perfectly meet Twinmotion software's demand for GPU performance, and is also an excellent choice for single-card RTX performance.

GPU helps Twinmotion rendering demonstration

When the RTX A6000 graphics card is accelerating the operation of Twinmotion software, the GPU usage has been close to 100%. At the same time, the number of real-time rendered frames per second is also very high, ensuring the smoothness of software operations. In the video export stage, RTX A6000 can also perform rendering acceleration.

With the help of RTX A6000, the process of creating images, animations, panoramas, VR videos and customer demonstrations with Twinmotion can all be faster and simpler.