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  • NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture
  • 4x 16GB GDDR6 with ECC
  • Memory Bandwidth: 4x 232GB/s
  • Max. Power Consumption: 250W
  • Interconnect Bus: PCIe Gen. 4
  • Thermal Solution: Passive
  • Form Factor: Full height, full length (FHFL) dual slot
  • Virtual GPU (vGPU) software support


Unlock an unprecedented VDI user experience.

Take remote work to the next level with NVIDIA A16. Combined with NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) software, it enables the power and performance to tackle any project from anywhere. Purpose-built for high-density, graphics-rich virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and leveraging the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, A16 provides double the user density versus the previous generation, while ensuring the best possible user experience..


Raising the Bar on Virtual Desktops

Designed for Accelerated VDI

Comes in a quad-GPU board design that’s optimized for user density and, combined with NVIDIA vPC software, enables graphics-rich virtual PCs accessible from anywhere

More than 2x the Encoder Throughput

More than double the encoder throughput versus previous generation M10, providing the multiuser performance required for streaming video and multimedia

Superior User Experience

Provides increased frame rate and lower end user latency versus CPU-only VDI, resulting in more responsive applications and a user experience that’s indistinguishable from a native PC

Highest Quality Video

Supports the latest codecs, including H.265 encode/decode, VP9, and AV1 decode for the highest-quality video experiences

Double the User Density

Purpose-built for graphics-rich VDI with support for up to 64 concurrent users per board in a dual-slot form factor

PCI Express Gen 4

Supports PCI Express Gen 4 data-transfer speeds from CPU memory for data-intensive tasks

High Resolution Display

Supports multiple, high-resolution monitors (up to two 4K or a single 5K) to enable maximum productivity and photorealistic quality in a virtualization environment

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture

Includes NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based CUDA® cores, second-generation RT Cores, and third-generation Tensor Cores, delivering the flexibility to host virtual workstations powered by NVIDIA RTX™ Virtual Workstation (vWS) software or leverage unused VDI resources to run compute workloads with NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)

EGX Platform for Professional Visualization

NVIDIA A16 combines with NVIDIA vPC software as part of the next-generation NVIDIA EGX™ platform certified by NVIDIA for professional visualization, delivering multimedia-rich virtual desktops to enable remote work from anywhere.

GPU Memory 4x 16GB GDDR6 with error-correcting code (ECC)
GPU Memory Bandwidth 4x 232GB/s
Max power consumption 250W
Interconnect PCI Express Gen 4 x16
Form factor Full height, full length (FHFL) dual slot
Thermal Passive
vGPU Software Support NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC), NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps), NVIDIA RTX Workstation (vWS), NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)
vGPU Profiles Supported See the Virtual GPU Licensing Guide
NVENC | NVDEC 4x | 8x (includes AV1 decode)
Secure and measured boot with hardware root of trust Yes
NEBS Ready Level 3
Power Connector 8-pin CPU

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