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GPS based personal care and sports management system that provides real time location tracking and sports analysis functions.

Personal Care System with a Peace of Mind

Leadtek’s iGuardian system is a GPS based personal care and sports management system that provides real time location tracking and sports analysis functions. Consist of iGuardian GPS tracker phone and user-friendly web based backend system in a cloud computing architecture. Through the Web or SMS, iGuardian allows users to easily track where their beloved are. A SOS alert can be delivered as an emergent message when needed. The sports analysis function presents user’s trail, the average speed and the calories consumed in a real time fashion. In addition, the sports historical data could be exported to be shown on Google earth to share it with friends. In essence, iGuardian’s goal is to facilitate a peace of mind user experience for personal caring.



Personal Mobile Care
Our light-weighted GPS tracker reports its location in an active or passive fashion. You are able to setup the periodic reporting timer or retrieve the tracker location by sending a SMS at real time. You may also inquire the trail log from PC or the smart phone.

(Real-time location tracking)


Your Personal Guardian
Set up a secured area on the iGuardian system with a few click then you have a personal guardian to protect your beloved ones. Whenever he/she leaves the pre-defined area, a SMS will be automatically sent to you. You may talk to the tracker holder through the phone if needed.

Sports management presents real-time trails and sports analysis data


Sports Management
Not only does our sports management system store your historical sports data, it could also present your real time sports trail and statistics information automatically.

In addition, the exportable data could also be shared, compared with your club members, coaches or fans,making your exercise a whole new experience.


Compact iGuardian Phone Enable
This compact iGuardian tracker is GPS/GSM/GPRS phone enabled. It only needs minimum efforts to setup whereas provides powerful functions. There are four phone call buttons to filter out unwanted calls; highly sensitive G-Sensor to help fast positioning; long last battery life to ensure continuous usages. Good for personal tracking, pets finding and vehicles monitoring.


Features Highlights

  • iGuardian tracker supports plug and play, no software installation needed.
  • iGuardian tracker allows 4 preset numbers to call out/in, effectively block undesired calls.
  • iGuardian system saves up to one month historical data.
  • iGuardian system presents real-time sports status analysis to ensure workout quality and safety.
  • User could monitor up to 25 runners’ status at the same time on the system.
  • Joggers’ historical data could be exported from the system to Google Earth to share with friends.
  • Any phone with given password could check iGuardian’s location through SMS/MMS.
  • System supports geo-fencing, parents get automatic SMS alerts once kids across the virtual fence.
  • iGuardian tracker could be configured dynamically through SMS or iGuardian web system.

How does iGuardian work
The diagram above depicts the message flow of iGuardian service:

  • The tracker reports its location periodically or triggered by web or SMS.
  • The iGuardian database logs the location (coordinate & address), direction, speed, battery life information.
  • Users are able to inquire tracking information from PC or Mobile phone browser.
  • Users are also able to retrieve the tracking information from SMS.

iGuardian Application Servers
iGuardian Application servers are the core of iGuardian service system. Besides supporting the aforementioned user applications, iGuardian servers are designed with patented technologies utilizing Web 2.0 and cloud computing methodology to fulfill client’s critical request. iGuardian application servers support various mobile devices that facilitated in the cloud computing architecture. Each elaborated application components works seamlessly with iGuardian’s panel harmonically to achieve system efficiency and reliability.


iGuardian Server Benefits

  • High availability to achieve system reliability
  • Scalable architecture as users expands
  • Cloud computing architecture for centralize database management
  • Turnkey solution for variant customer requests
  • Support huge volume of concurrent users
  • Flexible to change variant GIS maps
  • Time to market business deployment

iGuardian GPS Trackers 


Application Servers Feature List

Feature List Descriptions
Location Manager Manage all location related requests and POI search
Account Manager User authentication and account management
Sports Manager Manage real time sports tracking and care management
Map Controller GIS map interface and management
Presence Server Mobile IM and status management
Web Server iGuardian management web interface

1 : Earphone
2 : Mini USB Connecter
3 : Volume Switch
4 : Function Keys
5 : Power Button
6 : Microphone
7 : Battery Cap Lock
8 : External Antenna Jack for GPS
9 : SOS Button
10 : Speaker

iGuardian GPS Phone General Specification GPS Specification
GSM 900/1800/1900 ( default tri-bands ) GPS Chipset: SiRF Star III
GPRS class 12 Channels: 20 channel all-in-view tracking
Built-in GSM, GPS Antenna Superior sensitivity: -159 dBm tracking
Built-in rechargeable 820 mAh Reacquisition: 0.1 sec., average
Long stand-by hours, up to 65 hours (820 mAh) Hot start: 1 sec., average
Mini USB port for charging Warm start: 35 sec., average
Operating temperature range: -10°C to +50°C Cold start: 42 sec., average
Dimension: 88.5mm x 40 mm x 19.95 mm Cold start (AGPS): 8 sec., average
Weight: without battery 57g / with battery 72g  

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