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HRV Monitor

Real-time recording and displaying the complete data of autonomic nervous system activity within five minutes.

HRV Monitor is your health helper. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that helps you to monitor state of autonomic nervous system from anywhere and at anytime. With a huge variety of health supplements on the market, customers need to choose the right product that is beneficial to them. But can you ascertain that the health supplements you take are beneficial to your health? What if the supplements you take contain harmful ingredients? What if the supplements contain no supplementation at all and it is just a placebo effect? To clarify these concerns, people should use HRV Monitor. HRV Monitor helps you understand the differences in your health status by comparing the scientific data it collected before and after you take the supplements. HRV Monitor helps you to choose the health supplements that are best for you. As over consumption of health supplement is harmful to our health, HRV Monitor can monitor yours supplements intake.



  • You can easy to get the complete and important data of autonomic nervous system activity within five minutes.
  • Easy to carry and charging function.
  • Convenient for you to understand the autonomic nervous system regulating conditions of yourself in anywhere and at anytime.
  • Easy to use, just one touch.
  • Easy to get data within micro SD card.
  • HRV Monitor can show real-time heart rate, R-R interval, average heart rate, SDNN, and heart rate variability analysis data with powerful analysis.
  • High-resolution OLED.

ECG Lead I
ECG frequency 0.05-40 Hz
Sampling rate 125-512 Hz
ADC 1 channel, 10 bit, 500 point/sec
Battery 180 mAH Li battery
Size 102 x 59 x 9 mm
Weight 40 g

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