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AMOR 8210

Amor 8210 use video codec for high resolution video conversation and provide dual mode (VOIP/PSTN) communicate for home or office use, it is SIP based IP telephony with call features, high quality camera with physical shutter. Support 3-way video conference and photo sharing during video call and answer machine. Amor 8210 also support traditional DECT/PSTN telephony.

AMOR8210 multimedia phone is the right product to be part of a digital family, The AMOR8210 has different features for home or office, which includecommunication, information, entertainment, health care, security surveillance, media player, 3-way video conference call and location base service (LBS) integration.

The AMOR8210 main unit and DECT handset housing design are glossy black; both have built-in speakers, microphones and rechargeable batteries. There is a built-in WiFi module in the main unit for portable purpose, which means the main unit can access Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere and the DECT handset can also be located anywhere due to its robust cordless DECT transmission.

The AMOR8210 provides dual mode (VOIP/PSTN) communication for home or office users and has SIP-based IP telephony with complete call features, state-of-the-art H.264 video codec and a high quality camera with a physical shutter. It supports 3-way video conference calls and allows users to share the photo during the video calling period. Italso supports an answering machine.

TheAMOR8210 won’t malfunction during Internet communication downtime since it has PSTN telephony availability.

The seven-inch touch screen enables family members, especially the elderly and children, to manipulate Weather Surfing, Lottery and Coupons, Constellation Research, as well as News and Traffic Awareness with easy-to-use manual Onscreen operation. The AMOR8210 provides several entertainment functions for home and the office, like music media players, internet radio, online video entertainment and Digital Photo Frame.

The AMOR8210 can integrate with medical systems to detect personal health data like blood pressure, glucose and pulse, which will be transferred to a medical center. Also, theAMOR8210 is able to integrate with remote surveillance systems which have video recording, alarms and emergency call auto dialing. Furthermore, the AMOR8210 can integrate withthe LBS systemto point out the current location of family members wearing the LBS Tracker and find the nearesthospital, restaurant, shopping mall or library.

It’s a home media gateway without computer-like operation difficulty and it’s a kind of digital glue to hold family members together with its multimedia advantages.

Features and benefits

  • 7”Touch Screen
  • Support SIP Video Call And PSTN Audio Call
  • Support Up To 4 DECT Handsets
  • Support Music and Video Playback Features
  • Support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Wireless Connection
  • Support 10/100M Ethernet Connection
  • Support USB 2.0 Port
  • Support Secure Digital (SD) Card Slot
  • Support Internet Radio
  • Support RSS 2.0 & XML News and Weather Information Surfing
  • Support Clock Alarming

Video and PSTN Telephony SIP-Based IP Telephony With Call Features
State-of-the-art Video Codec
7” WVGA TFT LCD (800x480) With Touch Panel
High Quality Camera With Physical Shutter
Support Traditional PSTN Telephony
Photo Sharing During Video Call
3-Way Voice / Video Call
Photo-Enabled Caller ID Display
Call Logs, Contact and Speed Dial
Built-In Speakerphone / Microphone
10 Kinds Of Ring Tone
Multimedia Features Photo Frame Function - Browse And Display Photos From Local Storage (USB/SD) Or Web Album
Internet Radio
Media Playback
RSS News / Weather
Clock Alarming
Connectivity Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and 10/100M Ethernet
USB 2.0 Host and Secure Digital (SD) Slot
Earphone and Microphone Jack
Supports Fixed IP, DHCP and PPPoE
Support NAT Traversal Through STUN and UPnP
Configuration Supports Setup Wizard And Web-Based Configuration
Supports Auto Provisioning With Encrypted Profile
Supports Firmware Remote Upgradeable
Support Web API Integration
Main Stand Features Battery Charging
Built-in DECT Base Station Supporting Up to 4 Handsets
Wired Ethernet Port
Handset Features Support Both Of The IP And PSTN Calls
Color Display
Handset Stand Features Battery Charging Stand
LED Indicator

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