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RDP Zero Client

Lightning-Fast Hardware for Task-Based Workers with Extremely Economical, Energy and Space Saving Advantages

Product Model
  • RDP Zero Client (RJ45 edition)

RDP Zero Client is based on a proprietary SoC (System on a Chip) which has integrated a special designed RemoteFX processor, and is designed to deliver a user's desktop from a centralized host server with an immaculate, uncompromised end user experience across standard IP networks – including HD video, complete USB compatibility, and full-duplex high-definition audio. This is an endpoint client device (4.32 x 4.31 x 1.03 inches) that resides in a remote client access device which supports RemoteFX and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) sessions for Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection.

RDP Zero Client separates the user from the centralized PC or server, which provides connecting to a computer/server running Windows from the small Zero Client box that's connected to the same network or to the Internet. It’s a nice way for anyone who can use all of his/her work computer's programs, files, and network resources from his/her Zero Client box at home, and it's just like he/she is sitting in front of his/her computer at work. The user who owns the small Zero Client can also connect to his/her home or office computer from another room or any location provided he/she has internet connectivity.

RDP Zero Client gives end users complete remote display and I/O functionality. The Zero Client at the remote site receives and decodes signals from host PC/server, and creates standard video interfaces for the display, USB peripherals and audio. The Zero Client also supports a reverse communication path for items like USB keyboards, mouse, microphone audio and other peripherals. It is connected to the network via standard Ethernet using RJ45 at 10/100/1000Mbps.


  • High cost effectiveness and powerful client performance in virtualization solution that integrated with Microsoft RemoteFX and RDP
  • Embed with the latest RDP hardware decoders and accelerators. RemoteFX/RDP processor in the client processor supports high performance RemoteFX/RDP bitstream entropy decode
  • Support for up to one 1920x1080 high-resolution, perception-free DVI-I video output and USB 2.0 peripherals allows host PC/server relocation to the a central place or computer room without compromising end user experience or productivity
  • Robust PC experience delivered to the end user using existing Ethernet networks, enabling low cost, straightforward kiosk or digital signage functionality.

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Product RDP Zero Client
Processor ARM ARM1176 Client SoC
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
Maximum Resolution 512MB DDR3
Device Physical Dimensions 4.32 (width) x 4.31 (length) x 1.03 (height) inches
Maximum Device Power 8 watts (with HD video playback, keyboard/mouse and one high power consumption USB device)
Connectors One single-link DVI-I connector
Three front USB 2.0 connectors
3.5mm Headphone jack
3.5mm Microphone jack
Ethernet connector using RJ45 at 10/100/1000Mbps
5V DC Power jack
LED Connect LED for host-client session
Power LED for client's power state indicator
Button Device Power Button
Thermal Cooling Solution Passive heat sink
Operating System No operating system
Package Content RDP Zero Client
Power adapter (5V, 3A) and power cord
Ethernet cable (optional)
Quick installation guide
VESA mount kit (with monitor screws)
Operating / Storage Environment Humidity
  • Relative (non-condensing): 10% to 90%
  • Storage: 5% to 95%
  • Operational: 0 to 40 degree C
  • Storage: -20 to 70 degree C

RDP Zero Client
OS Language Version Description
( 2018/2/2 )
Supporting Models :RDP Zero Client
Firmware for RDP Zero Client
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RDP Zero Client
Language Version Description
( 2024/5/1 )
Leadtek Trusted Zero Client Product Brochure
Total size: [ 1586 KB ]
( 2024/5/1 )
Leadtek Trusted Zero Client (信任零終端機) 產品簡介
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