NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is specifically designed for businesses, offering real-time 3D design collaboration and digital twin simulation technology, enabling real-time synchronized editing among different collaborators.

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise is an end-to-end collaboration and simulation platform that brings together teams, assets, and software tools in a shared virtual space, allowing different workgroups to collaboratively work on a project file in real-time and perform realistic simulations, accelerating 3D design and digital twin workflows and projects for businesses.

Free of charge!
Experience cross-software 3D design collaboration now

Experience NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise without the need to install software or have your own high-end GPU workstation or server system!
This Test Drive allows users to remotely operate NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise from their own computer, and experience end-to-end 3D design collaboration that saves manpower and time costs in the design industry.

Application process

Application Period:
From now until May 26, 2023
Limited to 10 groups of local school students in Singapore, with a maximum of 2 users per group. Please apply using your school email account with the subject "Singapore - Omniverse Enterprise event", and provide your name, school name, and software used in the email. Send the email to ovelab1@leadtek.com.tw
License duration:
Approved applicants will receive exclusive account and password to use NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Full Version for free for 1 month during May 29 and 31, 2023, with usage period subject to email notification.
Work Evaluation:
The organizer will select one outstanding work on October 6, 2023, and announce it on the official website of Leadtek. The selected participant will also be interviewed to share their work and experience on public websites and social media platforms.
Important notes:
  • Leadtek reserves the right to review and approve experience qualifications.
  • Leadtek reserves the right to make final modifications, changes, interpretations, and cancellations of this event. Any relevant changes will be announced on the website.

Leadtek AI Forum

Leadtek AI Forum is an open platform for sharing experiences and insights on using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise. Users are welcome to share their experiences, ask questions, and seek assistance from Leadtek staff and fellow users in order to smoothly complete their works with Omniverse Enterprise.
Link: https://forums.leadtek.com/en/topic/67

Through Test Drive, you will be able to experience

  1. Using Omniverse Create, Omniverse View, Omniverse Connector
  2. Real-time material swapping
  3. Extended features such as Sun Study
  4. Physical effects functionality
  5. Real-time ray tracing rendering effects

The software collaboration test environment provided by Test Drive

The current list of software available for testing includes:

  • Connector: Epic Games Unreal Engine
  • Omniverse core applications:
    • NVIDIA Omniverse Create
    • NVIDIA Omniverse View
    • NVIDIA Omniverse Nucleus
  • You can also install other professional software and establish connections with Omniverse.

Use cases of Omniverse Enterprise in the industry

Luputa Studio, spanning across fields such as TV commercials, music videos, corporate branding, and short films, has a rich track record in video production planning, budgeting, and shooting. Recently, their well-known OneBoy brand series of TV commercials has received recognition from clients and left a deep impression on audiences. COGITO Marketing, which is also involved in advertising production and engaged in brand marketing and video production, has been a long-term partner of Luputa Studio. This time, the marketing director, producer, scene designer, sound designer, and director have come together to share how NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise improves their workflow, reduces time and cost expenditures.

In the following demonstration, you can see four different designers using Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Revit, Adobe Substance Painter, and multiple sets of Omniverse View on the Omniverse collaboration platform, working together simultaneously to accelerate their work efficiency.

"In the past, due to the limitations of technology, collaborative work among different tools with distinct features and file formats was nearly impossible in the virtual production process. However, after using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise for collaborative and simulation purposes, our team members from different departments can now edit the same scene on the same platform. During meetings, we can respond immediately to feedback from directors and clients, eliminating the need for lengthy back-and-forth revision processes. We expect to save at least 50% of our time." - Mr. Sun Wei Qiang, CEO of Luputa Production.

Hardware Test Environment and Architecture

Leadtek provides a virtual environment that is built based on the WS2040 workstation, an NVIDIA-Certified System, with GPU options such as NVIDIA RTX A6000, RTX A5000, or A4000, depending on performance requirements, for users to experience.

NVIDIA RTX GPU Specifications

The Shortcut to Digital Twin and The Metaverse

Leadtek is a long-term partner of NVIDIA, assisting in the rapid adoption of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region. This enables enterprises to solve issues of incompatible design software and achieve synchronous collaboration on a single design work through NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise collaboration and simulation platform within their existing workflow, thus accelerating time-to-market for products.

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