Cloud office with data security and efficient transmission will be the best solution for your business

Different from the other VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions, the PCoIP remote desktop solution can work without installing software. The PCoIP remote desktop solution is the best choice for professional graphic designers because it is the only solution displays the highest quality image without losing pixels.

Why Choose PCoIP ?


How to? 2 Steps to Build Your Own Cloud Business Office

PCoIP technology is designed to deliver a user's desktop from a centralized host PC/workstation across standard IP networks. Users can enjoy a perfect experience without compromise, including up to quad display high resolution, full frame-rate 3D graphics, full USB peripheral interoperability, and full-duplex HD audio.

PCoIP Remote Workstation Card and PCoIP Zero Client system can keep users far from personal computers or workstations while providing enterprise organizations with strict data security and reducing recurring support and maintenance costs. The endpoint users enjoy the best image quality and complete remote control capabilities. As for the video quality that other thin clients dare not mention, the PCoIP solution can easily support up to four displays at full HD (up to two 3840x2160 through DisplayPort or four 1920x1200).

Quick Installation

Access from Anywhere, at Any Time

All data is stored in the workstation. PCoIP technology enables you to use the PCoIP zero client and standard IP network, securely access the same applications and workflows you are already familiar with, from anywhere and at any time.

High Security

PCoIP zero client has no OS; coupled with the PCoIP encryption feature, it is extremely secure. Even if working from home, there is no need to worry about data leakage.

Centralized Management

Reduce corporate costs through efficient centralized management of complex hardware and software.

Other Remote Solution


USB device support Requires driver ... etc. 100% USB compatibility
Client driver requirements Requires installing drivers for endpoint device No driver required for endpoint device
Sync device Usually no (or very slow) Yes
USB data access On the endpoint device On the host
USB device verification Software verification on the host Software verification on the endpoint device
Unauthorized equipment Connect to host computer Locked out access by endpoint device

Join Over 10 Millions Users Worldwide Benefitting from PCoIP Technology

Customers including government, military, education, petrochemical, automotive, medical, financial, construction, manufacturing and other industries

What industries benefit from



Security and Investment

Need for dual and quad monitor support
Data security, alleviates heat and noise at the desk


Entertainment and Animation

Protect pre-release piracy
Keep large video and animation file sets in the server room


Financial Transactions

Financial desktop traders
Banking customer data security
Disaster recovery


Consumer Media

Easily maintain contents
Reduce spam
Intuitive system interfaces


Design and Materials

Protect large, valuable CAD datasets
Alleviate heat and noise of workstations at the desk


Medical Imaging

Secure patient data in the datacenter
Reduce incorrect diagnosis
Real time diagnosis

Why Can PCoIP Deliver the Best Image Quality over Network?

PCoIP technology uses remote workstation cards to handle graphics rendering tasks. The overall performance of the system is not affected, the application software runs as intended, and there is no need to update the drivers. It has excellent compatibility.

Host-side rendering can also reduce the sensitivity of network latency. For example, if the image does not change when a packet is lost, the PCoIP protocol only needs to resend the missing packets.

The host side is equipped with NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards, which can speed up the design workflow at the same time, and the designer can create very realistic works in a short period.

What is The Difference from Traditional Remote Desktop Software?

PCoIP Remote Workstation Card Solution

Remote Desktop Software

System compatibility Excellent Poor
Image quality Suitable for professional graphics Only suitable for simple Office processing tasks
Data security High Low
Share CPU workload Yes No
Dynamic network adaptation Yes No
Multi-screen output Yes No

PCoIP remote workstation cards can be added to any existing computer or workstation without compatibility issues.

The PCoIP remote desktop solution is a must-have for designers using professional Quadro graphics cards. PCoIP protocol can maintain the best image quality under different usage environments, and the detailed images rendered by the graphics cards can be presented to the PCoIP zero client endpoints, allowing designers to work remotely and being efficient at it.

The low-bandwidth characteristics of traditional remote desktop software sacrifice image quality. These software solutions are more suitable for short-term tasks that do not require delicate image quality (for example: remote troubleshooting and simple Office tasks).

The use of traditional remote desktop applications consumes the performance of both the host and client CPUs. The PCoIP remote desktop solution does not affect the CPU performance.

The PCoIP protocol only transmits pixels rather than data, ensuring that important data and intellectual properties of enterprises are not leaked.

Network Bandwidth Requirements for Different Users

Example User Type

Average Bandwidth

Video Content

Peak Bandwidth

Task Worker 70-100 kbps No Video 0.5-1 Mbps
Knowledge Worker 100-500 kbps 5-10 Mbps 5-10 Mbps
Artists/Designers 10 Mbps Included 30 fps workload:Typ. 30-60 Mbps
60 fps workload:Typ. 60-120 Mbps

Join Hands to Achieve Higher Efficiency

Case Study: Professional Graphic Designer
  • Working with Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards not only greatly enhances the rendering performance of the workstation, but also makes the visual processing interaction smoother.
  • Quadro RTX series graphics cards use the latest GPU architecture with super powerful AI denoising features, providing truly groundbreaking performance and significantly improving productivity and cost savings.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX5000

Turing GPU / Ray tracing / 16GB GDDR6 memory

Pricing Image

NVIDIA Quadro RTX6000

Turing GPU / AI acceleration / 24GB GDDR6 memory


NVIDIA Quadro RTX8000

Turing GPU / AI acceleration / 48GB GDDR6 memory