リリース日 : 2007/03/15

Leadtek Shines & Targets Global Leadership at CeBIT 2007

Taipei, Taiwan, March 15th, 2007: LEADTEK Research Inc., a pioneer and leader in total multimedia solution providers, will unveil its latest products at CeBIT 2007 which runs from March 15 to 21 in Hannover, Germany. The eye-catching and spacious Leadtek stand in Hall 11 B04 will showcase Leadtek's many groundbreaking products from its four Business Units: Computer Multimedia, Wireless Communication, Audio/Video Communication and TeleCare.

Living up to its reputation for reliability, quality and performance based on unrelenting R&D, Leadtek has reached a true integration of resources to expand market share in a more flexible way with numerous diverse products. For aiming global leadership at CeBIT 2007, each Business Unit is well prepared along with a new and complete product line to satisfy customers' needs, which displays respectively:

  • Computer Multimedia: VGA cards, Analog TV and Digital TV series
  • Wireless Communication: GPS modules, PND (Personal Navigation Devices), Bluetooth GPS Receivers, and LBS (Location Based Service) Tracker
  • Audio/Video Communication: Videophones, IP Cameras, and GVSC (Global VoIP Switching Center)
  • TeleCare: Tele-Medicine

With its record of outstanding performance, international acclaim and achievement over two decades,Leadtek has addressed its core competence as “We make dreams a reality”. “We meet your need, we are concerned with your problem, and we take part in your achievement. We look forward to 2007 with an extensive line up that offer even more performance and sensational accomplishments“, said KS Lu, CEO of Leadtek.

A strong presence on the world market and a leading edge status in the industry was something to be proud of, said Lu, but “accurate and timely customer feedback together with quick product updates' were the hallmarks of any contract or assignment. Leadtek's avowed policy, he said, was “not to follow but to lead”- to be a force that could power up change and innovation with the goal of being among the leaders in the industry.

Leadtek's exhibition theme of this year is “Future is Today”. To stress the theme, Leadtek presents the public with brand new masterpieces for creation and entertainment. Highlights of Leadtek's presence at CeBIT 2007 include:

WinFast® PX8800 GTS TDH 320MB: Extreme & Extraordinary, Value & Performance

Powered by GeForce® 8800 graphics processing units, WinFast PX8800 GTS comes with a 320MB GDDR3 memory enabling rapid frame rates in performance for thrifty gaming enthusiasts. This high performance but lower priced graphics card delivers an incredibly true-to-life gaming experience.

Designed and built to run with up to the minute Windows Vista™ and with the latest DirectX 10 Shader Model 4.0 support and unique NVIDIA® Unified Architecture, WinFast® PX8800 GTS delivers floating point accuracy at ultra-fast frame rates and film-quality effects. Besides, WinFast® PX8800 GTS also complies with Xtreme-HD to not only enhance compatibility with other video standards but deliver hitherto undreamt of clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for all video content.

With so many powerful functions and significant features,WinFast® PX8800 GTS 320MB most assuredly appeals strongly to the user's eye and pocket.

WinFast® A7300 GTS TDH: A New Champ on the Block

Powered by a NVIDIA's new generation GeForce®7300 GT GPU, WinFast®A7300 GT TDH - “a performance champion” among all entry-level graphics cards, is a star of the show. With a USP (Unique Selling Point) and high performance capability on an exclusive board and fan design from Leadtek, the WinFast®A7300 GT TDH card has been put through its paces and come out tops.

For home digital multimedia, WinFast®A7300 GT TDH supports HDTV-output, allowing connection to PC with a “direct-to-TV” playback. With the DirectX® 9.0c Shader Model 3.0 and high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting in accord with HDTV output of 1080i definition, images and colors of WinFast®A7300 GT TDH lights up for all the latest gaming effects like never before.

Without a PC system upgrade, the user can take flight with WinFast®A7300 GT TDH in the most cost effective and performed way for the best gaming and high definition video quality experience.

WinFast® MoViE Pack: Moving your TV/Video Everywhere and Anywhere

The WinFast®Mobile Video Express (WinFast®MoViE) pack consists of Orb software and 3D Album iPod & PSP Video Converter that makes possible TV/video viewing anywhere and everywhere. With Orb application, a user can, among other functions and features, now stream photos, music, videos and live TV through any internet-connected device such as a mobile phone, PDA, laptop or any other computer.

Furthermore, with 3D Album iPod & PSP Converter, the user can easily convert a downloaded TV program into iPod/PSP video format and view it on the go. Coming fast on the heels of the complete WinFast®digital and analog series supporting the Windows® Vista™OS, WinFast®MoVie gives users by far the simplest user interface, the most useful functions and the greatest value taking quick paced TV viewing from home onto the road.

WinFast® PVR3000 Deluxe: Taking your Personal Video Recording Experience to the Next Level

WinFast® PVR3000 Deluxe and enhanced PCI 3DY/C Hardware MPEGI/II encoder TV card are presented as the latest version of a high end personal video recorder for PC. With the Conexant Cx23416 Hardware encoder chip, NEC 3D Y/C video processing and Micronas Stereo audio chipset, the user can enjoy top performance, superior video quality LCD TV and a world of stereo audio entertainment. Is powerful 3D NR (Noise Reduction) clears noise from the TV source and delivers clear, vivid TV pictures.

WinFast® PVR3000 Deluxe offers a sensational visual experience and its Low profile form factor design suits all ATX size PCs. You can also record your favorite programs with MPEG-2 encoding, freely pause, rewind and fast forward without bypassing any live detail by using the Time-shifting function. Organize your recording lists with EPG and “Schedule-Recording” - a fully functional remote control integrated with the DVD player and FM function, allowing you overall control of the system with a single remote.

WinFast® PVR3000 Deluxe brings you all top features and much more live entertainment and pleasure into the bargain.

Leadtek PND 9752: Position Your Life!

As a world pioneering GPS OEM manufacturer Leadtek has decided to make its own brand PND and officially launch it in the 1Q of 2007. Through a seamless combination with big button design, touch screen display and ease of operation, the new Leadtek LR 9752 PND is set to revolutionize car navigation, which uses a highly sensitive SiRFStar III GPS chipset that supports TTS and can announce street and place names right away. Apart from a convenient BT Hands free function, LR 9752, built within Mp3/Video Player and Picture viewer, even doubles up as a Mobile Media Center for vehicles and anyone on the move.

What more can you expect from your PND?

Leadtek Videophones & IP Cameras: Put the World Literally “In Your Hands” and at Your Fingertips

Compact, ergonomically stunning and supported by new generation network communication technology Leadtek's SIP & IPv6 surveillance units are designed to work with 3G and IP devices as well as PCs through a wired, Wi-Fi, or HomePlug network connection. Remote network video surveillance applications have become more diversified and convenient with IPv6 support. Integrating VoIP SIP technology, Videophones and IP Cams - the ground breaking new H264 Video Phone XTP 8885 & H 264 Triple play set top box XTP8725 and IP CAM with 2-way Audio is no exception - allows simultaneous multiple client connections in a single SMC managed IP CAM.

Leadtek surveillance products are bundled with Windows client Surveillance Management Center (SMC), and roaming users can access surveillance cameras no matter where they are just as long as they are on the net.

Leadtek GVSC: A Powerful Locomotive for Total Global Connection and Market Penetration

GVSC, a brand new IP Telecommunications business model from Leadtek that heralds an era of truly global interconnection with potentially huge time and money saving advantages. Its mission is to establish the most reliable global Video Telecommunication Service for any international user through the GVSC Alliance.

The Alliance lines up service providers from around the globe to share the same Operation Platform/Dialing Plan/Service Plan helping individual GVSC service providers create a competitive edge in leveraging the resources of other members in the Alliance. In a word, a telecommunications business resource you need to build momentum in starting up and for ongoing success.

Leadtek HealthBaby & Easy Band: Count on Me, and You Win Your Health

With Leadtek Easy Bandrecorded data can be transmitted via a USB dongle to a PC where data is displayed for intensive analysis and evaluation by physicians. Health Baby makes it possible for the user to keep a personal single lead ECG and Body temperature record while Autonomic Nervous System Analyzer acts as an electronic guardian of your physical condition. Key in and store personal data for either electronic transmission via the internet or to print out when required. There's a graphical user interface and graphical reports with mental and Sym/Vagal balance indices afterwards.

For the elderly, handicapped or terminally ill it means constant and direct contact with doctors or carers. And for an ever more health conscious public, there's the assurance of having all vital body data, from temperature to electro cardiograms, instantly visible on a PDA, IP cam or videophone.

You could say Leadtek sets its sights on more modest but very practical ways of improving the human condition.