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GVSC “mm” PBX stand for “multimedia” PBX which offer fantastic and diversified video applications to facilitate the SI (System Integrator) cooperation model, it also rewrite and improve PBX functionalities to enrich flexible video telecommunication business models and delight enterprise or government customer into new generation of video telephony world.

GVSC mm PBX regenerate video telephony user scenario by following video telecommunication features

  1. Video IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  2. Multimedia Video Clip Application
  3. Personal Video Mailbox
  4. Video Call Forward / Call Transfer / Call Pick Up
  5. Off Net Call (IP Videophone call PSTN Telephone)
  6. Videophone Control PTZ IP Cam (2 Ways Audio Communication)
  7. Integrate MCU (Multiple Point Video Conference Unit)
  8. Interconnect to Video Softphone

GVSC mm PBX facilitate SI (System Integrator) Business model for enterprise market deployment or government tender penetration

  1. Government Tender
  2. Video Call Center Project
  3. 3G Intercom Condominium Project
  4. Multinational Video Conference and Surveillance total solution
  5. Digital Visual Tele-Care Project
  6. Hotel / Motel Multimedia and Surveillance total solution
  7. Ministry Of Justice Prisoner Monitoring Application

GVSC mm PBX help Telco enterprise business division improve the VoIP and Video Conference market share

  1. Enterprise ADSL bundle sales plan
  2. WiMAX / FTTH / FTTB integration sales plan
  3. 3G Mobile integration sales plan
  4. VoIP legal numbering (like as 070; 015…) integration sales plan

System Diagram 1

Register PTZ IP Camera; Videophone; Softphone and Doorphone to GVSC mm PBX then Videophone and Softphone users can call traditional PSTN Telephone or GSM Mobile even 3G Mobile user thru its upper layer SIP Server registration. Also 3G Mobile user can call back to PTZ IP Camera or Doorphone then open the door lock thru their Digital Out interface no matter where he is.

System Diagram 2

SI (System Integrator) can install the GVSC mm PBX depends on project properties like as government or military only need VPN Close Network deployment without PSTN Gateway Interconnection then SI can just install the GVSC mm PBX and project corresponding product based on project specification, if SI work with Telco / ISP / 3G Mobile operator / WiMAX or FTTH service provider then they can interconnect the GVSC mm PBX to their NGN Gateway (Next Generation Gateway) and offer the service based business model to enterprise market.

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