WinFast PXA310 Platform

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WinFast PXA-310 platform provides high performance and high efficiency capabilities to SOC system developers. It not only provides 624 MHz high speed XScale processor but also equipped rich multimedia environment (2D graphics and video codec accelerators, camera, LCD, USB OTG, SDHC interfaces, and so on). Because of PXA310’s powerful capabilities, it has been used to build several successful and famous modern mobile phones. With these advantages, WinFast PXA-310 platform brings a complete and professional educational platform either for academic students or for industry engineers.

In order to exhibit low power features, WinFast PXA-310 platform includes power management IC and 3100 mAhr Li-Polymer battery to give developers sufficient environment for design evaluation. With the perfect combination of WinCE6.0 power manager and PXA-310 low power modes, WinFast PXA-310 platform demonstrates a real intelligent platform for modern hand-held devices. Except the basic features provided by PXA-310, WinFast PXA-310 platform package contains 10.2” TFT LCD touch panel, CMOS sensor, stereo speakers, WiFi, and DVB-T accessories so that high performance audio and video application can be implemented in real fashion.

For the extension of electronic experiment, WinFast PXA-310 platform provides complete peripheral connectors like 18 GPIO control points, 8 LEDs, 4 electrical buttons, 3 full voltage range or 5V range selectable RS-232 ports, CCIR 601/656 sensor port, and 16-bit asynchronous SRAM extension interface. These extension connectors accommodate developers a good hardware environment for lots of practical experiments like GPS receiving, GPRS and RFID transmitting, Bluetooth communication, CPLD/FPGA ASIC emulation, external DI/DO (data in and data out) switches, industry control, and the related extended designs.

WinFast PXA-310 platform package also provides comprehensive training documents which allow users to learn embedded SOC system development step by step. Except for the BSP (Board Support Package), driver, and application program source codes, the proposed training guides include detailed description of BSP and main software installation, building steps of embedded operating system, key concepts and the way to develop drivers and interrupt handlers, and the complete steps to design developers’ own application programs on target operating system.

Above all, the most important job provided by Leadtek to customers is WinFast platform team’s excellent technical support which assists developers quickly learn modern SOC platform with great satisfaction.

Accessories in package:

  1. Power adaptor*1
  2. Cross over Ethernet cable*1
  3. Touch pen*1
  4. RS-232 cable*1
  5. USB to Mini USB conversion cable*1
  6. USB Y cable-Mini A to STD A * 1
  7. 3100 mAhr Li-Polymer battery*1

Platform Software Features:

  • Board Support Package operating system development codes
  • Driver and application program source codes
  • WinCE 6.0 Digital Photo Frames Demo Program
  • Complete step-by-step training document CD
  • Marvell PXA-310 full development kit web site download support (with NDA)

SOC CPU MARVELL PXA-310 SOC with 624 MHz XScale main processor, 2D graphics accelerator, and video hardware accelerator
DDR SDRAM 128M Bytes
Ethernet support both 100Base-T and 10Base-T Ethernet protocols
LCD display 10.2” TFT LCD panel with 800*480 resolution
Touch Screen 4-wire resistive touch
RTC and PIC support external Real Time Clock and micro controller chip for automatic power up and power down control
MMC/SD support 2 SDHC card slots with the extension of flash memory up to 4GB or other application modules
UART 3 high Baud-rate RS-232 interfaces with voltage range selection of 5V or standard voltage
USB HOST 1 host port
USB OTG 1 OTG port
LED 8 controllable LEDs
Electric button 4 controllable buttons
Speaker built in dual channel stereo speakers
Phone jack 1 microphone audio input for audio recording
  1 audio output connected to external earphone or speakers
WiFi SDIO WiFi module for the access of wireless LAN
DVB-T SDIO DVB-T receiving module cooperating with MPEG2 TS decoder and audio/video software player
CMOS camera 640 x 480 VGA video capture
GPIO 18 extended GPIO control points
Camera input CCIR 601/656 connector for the extension of external sensor
Bus extension asynchronous SRAM bus extension connector including address bus, data bus, control bus, power, and ground
JTAG interface connected to ICE for debugging and for NAND flash download
Support BSP operating system development codes
Provide complete training document CD along with BSP, application program source codes, and WinCE Digital Photo Frame demo program execution file
ICE (In-Circuit Emulator) is needed to work with multi-OS.
Providing BSP by different OS.
BSP Available:
WinCE6.0 is released now.
Embedded Linux is released now.
Android is released now.

WinFast PXA310 Platform
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Quick Guide
( 2010/7/13 )
Development Kit quick start guide
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Tesla Data Sheet
( 2010/7/13 )
Data Sheet
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