ECG Patch

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Users can free moving to measure one lead ECG via dongle within ten meters through wireless transmission. It is a thin, light, comfortable, stretchable, and adhesive patch that can be easily applied to skin on the chest. It includes accelerometer and temperature measurement. It can identify whether subjects are moving or staying still when subjects undergo the tests; in addition, it can identify if your body beings to lose heat through monitoring your body temperature. With cloud technology, it allows doctors to remotely monitor a patient's health and allows people to see test results from their computers or mobile devices. ECG Patch can take care of your health improve.



  • One lead ECG
  • Instant heartbeat
  • Heart rate variability
  • Temperature
  • Activity
  • Wireless
  • Data storage
  • Could storage and remote read

ECG One lead ECG
Sampling rate 500 Hz
Resolution 8 bits
Temperature 25~45 °C
Activity 3G

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