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NVIDIA Quadro Sync II

NVIDIA Quadro Sync II For the Advanced Synchronized Display Requirements.

The new NVIDIA Quadro Sync II card brings new levels of flexibility and scalability to ultra-high resolution displays and visualization clusters. Quadro Sync connects to select NVIDIA Quadro Pascal™ GPUs, synchronizing them with the displays or projectors attached to them. Quadro Sync II also enables NVIDIA Quadro Mosaic™ technology on those synchronized displays and projectors, providing an easy way to scale the resolution of any application.

The new NVIDIA Quadro Sync II expands on the previous Quadro Sync solution by enabling the synchronization of up to twice the number of synchronized GPU display outputs. The Quadro Sync II can synchronize up to 8 GPUs per chassis, enabling up to 32 synchronized displays per chassis. The Quadro Sync II sets a new standard for synchronized display outputs for massive visualization solutions for video walls and multi-projector systems.


The new NVIDIA Quadro Sync II enables flexible and scalable deployment of ultra-high resolution display systems. Some use cases for visualization and presentation solutions using Quadro Sync include:


Enabling up to 32 synchronized displays

Powering up to 32 4K displays for entertainment outlets, sporting events.

Projector Overlay Support

Multiple projectors can be used to review design concepts or changes at scale.

Stereoscopic Display Support

Making a stereoscopic 3D display wall for a research lab while utilizing up to 32 displays with just one system

Compatible GPUs :
- Quadro RTX8000
- Quadro RTX6000
- Quadro RTX5000
- Quadro RTX4000
- Quadro GV100
- Quadro GP100
- Quadro P4000
- Quadro P5000
- Quadro P6000

Synchronize Using SLI Bridge

For simple synchronization for dual GPU installations of NVIDIA Mosaic, consider the options of using an SLI bridge. The Quadro P6000, P5000, P4000, M6000 24GB, Quadro M5000 and Quadro M4000 support SLI.

  Quadro Sync Board
Sync Sync II
Maximum number of GPUs per Sync card 4 4
>Maximum number of Sync cards per system 1 2
Maximum number of synchronized GPUs per system 4 8
Maximum number of displays or projectors per system 16 32
Maximum number of displays or projectors with Quadro Mosaic™ 16 32
Stereoscopic display support o o
Projector Overlap support o o
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) support o o

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